Testimonials About Teresa's Work.

Simply put, Teresa is someone you need on your team. She was a key leader on my marketing team at ExactTarget. She made incredible contributions across the business including: opening international markets, piloting our field marketing process (that was later scaled across the globe), and building world class events and demand gen programs. Teresa has an incredibly strategic, action-oriented mindset that drives tangible ROI while making a strong personal impact on all those with whom she interacts.
— Tim Kopp, former CMO, ExactTarget (a company)
Teresa was introduced to me by a trusted friend and advisor, who gave an extremely high endorsement of work. After our first call with her, we knew she was the right choice. Teresa’s experience is excellent - from building a comprehensive marketing strategy to execution. She brings broad experience, creative thinking and sound advice to the table, and delivers on her commitments and timelines. As a SaaS company, we’re specifically pleased with her expertise and vision around demand gen best practices for B2B SaaS companies. Finally, she’s just a great person and professional.
— Dave Blake, CEO, ClientSuccess
Teresa came to us highly recommended. And she managed to exceed our expectations. She helps us develop impactful marketing and sales strategies that fit seamlessly into our high-growth startup environment. When it comes to executing on projects, she can be trusted to make an initiative her own from start to finish, and this ownership helps all of us to stay efficient; we are able to assign Teresa a task and then turn to our other priorities as we await the high-quality outcome that we know we can rely on from her. She’s an invaluable extension of our team.
— Kristy Sharrow, Marketing Director, LevelEleven
I recently worked with Teresa to strategize and bring to life a 2014 Holiday Season direct mail campaign with a goal of getting in front of key decision makers at top ecommerce retailers. The campaign went from idea to fruition in only a couple short weeks, and Teresa was more than accommodating with multiple last minute deadlines and change requests. I’m confident this campaign will show impressive and immediate results and help us make significant traction with many of our top prospects. This campaign would not have been achievable without her guidance, motivation, and professionalism.
— Greg Giletto, Digital Marketing Manager, Monetate
Teresa helped us run a targeted, customized campaign from inception to follow-up, ensuring that every step was true to our original vision for the prospect’s needs, the message we wanted to convey, and the action we wanted our prospects to take. Teresa helped us clearly identify quick wins with our sales team by identifying the compelling event in the sales process that would cause urgency for a positive decision. Not only was Teresa effective, she was a delight to work with.
— Santiago Jaramillo, CEO, BlueBridge Digital
Teresa Becker has my complete and unreserved endorsement. Teresa was brave enough to accept a 9 month assignment with our rapidly developing Australian subsidiary at ExactTarget (a company) with the simple aim of fixing our existing marketing efforts, establishing the standards for what ‘real’ field marketing looked like and making sure that the entire sales team was fully engaged with and committed to allowing marketing to help them with their opportunities. She managed to achieve this and so, so much more in her short time with us. A true, committed business partner who I was VERY sad to lose back to our US HQ. I’m certain that Teresa’s career will continue to develop at breakneck pace and that she will continue to shine bright as a beacon of how great marketers drive business success.
— Lee Hawksley, Managing Director, ExactTarget APAC