Book Review: Freedom Manifesto

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In my "Results Marketing Blog", I'll be starting to review products and books that I personally find helpful and will review them for you. As you know, I work primarily with SaaS B2B companies who are looking for creative ways to boost their demand generation, build credibility in the market, and ultimately lay a successful foundation for future endeavors. In order to do that, though, goals must be well thought out and documented in order to be successful. I think that rule applies to most anything in life. Without clear direction and steps to achieve, you won't just stumble upon success. But what is success? Well, that's the key.

A friend of mine, Ryan Moran, and also author of the new ebook Freedom Manifesto, writes extensively about the topic of success as well as the importance of defining goals. Ryan shares that there are certain steps you must take before you can ever truly be successful:

  • Identify what you want in life. Is it money? Freedom? The ability to travel wherever you want, whenever you want? Is it to not go to work in the morning and run your own online business? Define your end goal.
  • Know how you will spend your time on when you're "Free". Ryan shares that one of the hardest things in this free lifestyle is identifying the passions where you'll spend your time. What really gets you excited? Is it volunteering? Traveling? Spending time with friends or family? Know what's ultimately driving you to be free - and don't underestimate the difficulty in filling your time.
  • Create 6-month milestones. Often times, thinking a year or two out is too much. It's daunting and seems impractical. But by creating 6-month milestones for what you want to accomplish is a great way to ensure growth, and also make progress. For me, I have decided to travel to all continents (well... maybe not Antarctica) by the time I'm 30. Travel is important to me, so many of my short milestones will include adding places that I will go, and determine what I want to see/explore/learn.
  • DECIDE to do it. As Ryan shares in his book, the biggest enemy of success is not failure - it's actually the fear of failure. It can be paralyzing. Many people want to be successful, and are very expressive in voicing that. I want to travel the world. I want to own my own business. I want to buy a house. I want to [fill in the blank]. But you see, those individuals rarely ever get what they want. Because wanting is different than deciding. When you decide to do something, you will immediately start to take action. In your mind, it's going to happen regardless of your circumstances, so you will move mountains to ensure it comes to fruition. What have you decided to do?

Ryan's book, Freedom Manifesto, is a short read (it took me <2 hours). If you're looking for a short inspirational business book that is inspiring, actionable, and drives towards a free lifestyle, I highly recommend downloading the ebook.

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