Demand Gen: 101

If you're a B2B company, chances are you've heard the term "demand generation" thrown around. Perhaps you know what it means already, but many companies have their own take on it. Being in the SaaS industry for a handful of years and being engrained in demand gen(eration) across many different regions and channels, I wanted to share my explanation and keep it as simple as possible.  

So what the heck is demand gen? In it's simplest terms, it is building a brand in such a way to make your company or organization appeal to your prospects; it is essentially your "go-to-market strategy". What will your brand positioning be? Where and how will you advertising, and will you pay for it? What does your online presence look like, and what kind of content will draw your prospects to your company? How will you create forms and innovative ways to capture prospect information so you can follow-up quickly and effectively? How will you measure your success? These are all important questions that are fundamental to demand generation. You need to 1) get prospects interested in your brand 2) get them to interact with your brand and share their information 3) convert them into an opportunity for a sale 4) progress them through the sales pipeline 5) close them and get the paperwork 6) retain them as happy customers 7) get them to refer more prospects

Obviously it's never this easy. There are so many facets and nuances that each company faces, but in the broad scheme of things, this is generally how B2B SaaS companies operate. But along the way, there are ways to create efficiencies and tools that give you Sales Development and Sales teams tools to make their jobs more effective. 

In the following posts, I'll go deeper into more demand generation terms, and start breaking down the importance of shifting spend into channels that will bring the most ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment). I'll analyze and share examples of Paid, Owned, and Earned channels, and the importance of a balanced marketing portfolio. 

Want more information in the meantime? Submit a question or comment, and I'll follow-up with you directly.