Publish or Perish?

I started writing this blog post from London a few months back and never finished it... until now. The theme of "publishing" has come up many times since, and I thought the topic was fitting to share. So, here goes: 

While on business in London, I had the privilege of connecting with consumers from all over Europe. One common theme - no matter where in the world you're from - is the notion of publishing. And no, I'm not referring to becoming an author. I'm also not talking about academia, where publishing constantly is a pressure weighting upon scholars that want to push their names in the limelight. Quite the opposite, actually. Did you know that the average person is online at least 10 hours a day? At least? In fact, many of us (and quite likely most reading this article who are in B2B Marketing) are online at least 15 hours a day. Be it on a laptop, mobile device, or tablet. And what are they doing? You guessed it... searching for content

So what does it mean to publish? Publishing simply means creating compelling content that can be shared with prospects, clients, and general audience. But what's the big deal? Publishing - especially for B2B companies looking to grow their audience - is especially crucial. Jay Baer is a prominent thought leader in the realm of Content Marketing, and he shares some great advice for small start-ups and companies that don't inherently have a lot of chatter about their brand. And by the way, if you're not Coke, P&G, Delta Airlines, or Target, chances are you are looking to grow your audience. Jay shares in a recent blog post that  "...content marketing becomes steadily more important for brands that don’t have existing social chatter. If they’re not talking about you, it’s up to YOU to create content that gets them talking."

So what are you creating? What are you giving your prospects? Are you truly listening and interacting with them, or do you pretend they don't exist? The truth is that there IS conversation about your brand. It's up to YOU to help determine exactly what that conversation is. And you might even have a chance to educate in the process.